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Ventrac Tractor and Snowblower take on the Snow!

It’s the season for snow in many parts of the country and what better way to deal with all the snow mother nature can dish out than with a Ventrac tractor and snowblower!   It’s a powerful combination for blowing away the deepest snow with ease.   And staying warm and dry inside the Ventrac cab is an added plus. 

Don’t move snow driving backwards…see what you are moving with the Ventrac KX522 Snowblower mounted out front! 

See the power of the Ventrac Snowblower and Tractor combo in action!  

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  1. chuck de vaul's Gravatar

    Posted by chuck de vaul on 12/28/2009 at 4:50 pm

    Our customer in buffalo bought one ventrac diesel with cab and snowblower and TWO pickup trucks for what one Tracless Snow Cat would have cost. The Ventrac can run circles around a Trackless.

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