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Ventrac Owners Show Off Snow Videos

More Ventrac Snow videos submitted on YouTube by Ventrac operators.

Hi….here we are again with some video that Ventrac users have posted on YouTube.   It’s exciting to see the enthusiasm that customers show while they operate their Ventrac.   We enjoy getting videos from customers to see the performance they get from their Ventrac tractors  and how much fun they have while using them.

This first video highlights Topaz Property Services using their new Ventrac for clearing off their customer’s driveway areas.   They are clearly excited about their Ventrac and love its performance.   Their video shows off the excellent agility of the Ventrac 3000 series tractor as it maneuvers smoothly around the ends of the driveways.

This next video was filmed in Norway.  The Ventrac operator is making short work of clearing the sidewalks quickly and easily with a broom attached to his Ventrac.  The Ventrac’s compact design fits nicely on the sidewalks to make snow removal quite labor-free.

Ventrac Owners!   Send us your video…we would  love to hear from you!

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