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Ventrac Snowblowers and Snow Removal Showcased On YouTube

If you own a Ventrac,  you know the pride you feel, the fun you have and the performance you get from one.   Ventrac owners everywhere love to show off their tractors.   And when the snow blasts,  what better way to move that snow than with a Ventrac.   While  exploring around YouTube I  found some  homeowner videos using  Ventrac compact tractors to move snow, either with a snowblower or a slip scoop.

Take a peek and watch homeowners demonstrating what their Ventrac can do in snow and how they use their tractors.

Using a Slip Scoop Bucket for moving snow



Ventrac takes on 21 Inches of Wet Snow

Ventrac Owners!   We encourage you to post your Ventrac videos and photos online. We would also love to feature you at www.my.ventrac.com.

Please let us know if you  post your Ventrac videos or photos online and we would  be happy to link to them.

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  1. Snowblower HPH's Gravatar

    Posted by Snowblower HPH on 02/15/2010 at 3:10 pm

    This looks more like a snow dump truck. Still gets the job done though.

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