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Ventrac’s Contour Mower Takes On Tough Terrain

Watch Jack's Contour Video on YouTube

Ventrac is the ultimate machine for mowing uneven terrain.  The Ventrac Contour Mower Deck will go where other mowers dare not.

We are again featuring Jack Wiley, who uses his Ventrac Turbo Diesel and attachments to do a multitude of tasks.  Jack sent us a video of his tractor in operation with an 84″ contour mower deck.

The contour deck does what is says it will do…contours the shape of the land.  Jack is mowing over quite a wavy landscape, where other mowers would easily scalp.  Even with so much rise and fall of the ground, the contour deck stays with the terrain with not a bit of scalping while producing a beautiful cutting finish as well.


“It (the video) shows me using the Contour Deck on slopes and undulating areas in my yard.  You will see the deck flex a considerable amount many times–much more than on the typical golf course.  These undulations are due to subsidence over old abandoned coal mines.”

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    Posted by limewire on 02/22/2010 at 1:10 pm

    wow cool info bro.

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