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Welcome Ventrac’s Newest International Distributor

We would like to welcome our newest International Distributor to the Ventrac family, Asia Turfquip Supplies, in Singapore.  ATS is a diversified company that provides quality turf products and the latest innovations in turf management practices.   Their locations  serve Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia and they are a key industry player, serving golf courses, public parks, recreation facilities and water management.    Having just received their first shipment of Ventrac equipment as a new distributor, they were aimed and ready to focus on training and operation.

Ventrac President, Dallas Steiner,  recently flew to Asia Turfquip Supplies to conduct equipment training and demonstrations on golf courses throughout Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.  The first trip was to Juara-Juara KGPA golf course.  Dallas instructed staff from ATS, as well as golf course staff, on the safe operations of Ventrac and several potential customers were also on hand to run the equipment as well.   They took to the hills of the course to test out the abilities of Ventrac with the MJ contour deck and MR reel mower.

The next day was focused at the Palm Garden Golf Course.  Personnel from the course and ATS staff were on hand to learn what Ventrac could do on some of the 30 degree slopes.   It was an impressive demonstration of Ventrac’s slope mowing in action.  The next couple days were filled with demos on the Nilai Spring Golf Club and Laguna National.   Both courses boasted some 25 -30 degree slopes where Ventrac blew away any question of its ability to perform on the hills.   Those in attendance displayed their excitement about the performance of Ventrac with an all thumbs-up review.

Watch video from all 4 courses to get a feel for what kind of terrain they deal with and just how well Ventrac can stick to those slopes.

Ventrac is pleased to have partnered with Asia Turfquip Supplies.   Welcome to the Ventrac family!

Enjoy the slideshow of scenes from the golf courses and beautiful shots of the city of Malaysia.

2 Responses to this post.

  1. Ismail A Aziz's Gravatar

    Posted by Ismail A Aziz on 07/27/2011 at 2:25 pm

    Hi Dallas,

    Great presentation and thank you very much. The Ventrac machine is still in KL for demo but soon will be sent to us in the southern region. I am sure the reception would be as good as KL. We have actually started our verbal promotion. Thanks.

    Ismail A Aziz
    ATS Johore Bahru

  2. Fred the Farmer's Gravatar

    Posted by Fred the Farmer on 07/27/2011 at 2:25 pm

    Great blog- love the video. Look forward to reading more of your posts.

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