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Ventrac Top Fan Competition Continues to Grow

Attention Ventrac owners! If you haven’t heard of our Ventrac “Top Fan” competition, here’s the story. The competition started with our youngest entry. One small boy whose love of Ventrac is a daily aspect of his life. This young fan, Quinten,  watches Ventrac Youtube videos daily, has worn through numerous Ventrac catalogs and plays “Ventrac” with his toys. He even enjoys a little social activity with his cousin as they watch Ventrac videos together.

An additional entry has caught my attention, as he appears to be our oldest entry to date. (Although, old is not the term he chooses to embrace.) Charles “Chick” Bittner is an amazing 96 years of age and he uses his Ventrac weekly, if not daily. Chick displays a “young at heart” attitude and gets tons of enjoyment from his Ventrac.  Charles “Chick” Bittner, along with his long-time friend, Scott Shookman recently visited the Ventrac manufacturing plant where, as Scott says, “Charles couldn’t sleep last night from 3 am on as he was that excited to finally meet Ryan and tour the plant from engineering to final assembly.”

The video below follows Quinten, our youngest fan,  during a typical day in his life and how he LOVES Ventrac, or “Entrac” as Quinten says!

Here is Chick’s amazing story:

If you own a Ventrac and you think you are a bigger fan of Ventrac than Quinten or Chick, post your own video response here for your chance to win a model Ventrac like Quin’s.   Or go to  http://my.ventrac.com/submit.php and fill out the Top Fan Story Submission.  Entries must be received by 4/30/2012. See more competition details at: http://ventrac.com/topfan.

Entries are starting to come in, so don’t miss your chance to win this!



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