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Ventrac AERA-vator EA600
39.55460EA600 AERA-VATOR
Accessory Options:
70.4104 KIT, 12V FRONT 4500
Length:34 in
Width:66 in
Height:22 in
Weight:420 lbs
Opt. Seeder cap.:2.5ft3
Working Width:60in
Download Manuals:
V-Plus Warranty:
* Download Warranty Info
Residential: 3 year*
Commercial: 2 year *
When turf compaction caused by foot or vehicle traffic, sporting events or other stresses is a problem, periodic aeration is necessary to keep the turf healthy.

The AERA-vator is designed to stir and loosen the soil beneath the sod without destroying the turf. The EA600 creates a core hole without bringing a core plug to the surface, leaving the turf ready for use immediately after treatment. Six holes are created each foot (66 holes per square meter) and hole size is regulated by drive speed-- the slower the drive speed, the larger the hole.

The AERA-vator works best in dry un-irrigated ground leaving a core hole while fracturing the sub soil.

The EA600 is built with Ventrac Mount System, allowing for easy attachment changes, and comes with a standard jack stand for easy mounting.

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