Debris/Snow Removal Attachments

Debris/Snow Removal

Debris/Snow Removal

Attachment3000 series4000 series
Blades Blades KD3000 series compatible4000 series compatible
Blower Blower KA1604000 series compatible
Broom Broom HB5804000 series compatible
Snow Blower Snow Blower KX5234000 series compatible
Turbine Style Blower Turbine Style Blower ET2004000 series compatible
V-Blade V-Blade KV5523000 series compatible4000 series compatible
Vacuum Collection System Vacuum Collection System RV6024000 series compatible
Debris/Snow Removal

Debris/Snow Removal Accessories

Accessory3000 series4000 series
Spreader, Broadcast SS300 Spreader, Broadcast SS300 70.20113000 series compatible
Spreader, Broadcast SS575 Spreader, Broadcast SS575 70.20104000 series compatible
Spreader, Drop SA250 Spreader, Drop SA250 70.20133000 series compatible4000 series compatible
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