VENTRAC Trunk Pump trunkpump

Ventrac Trunk Pump trunkpump
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Discontinued Product

Product no longer available through Ventrac. Please visit the TrunkPump website.

TrunkPump™ uses Ventracs's power instead of a traditional gas-powered engine. Our patented system mounts in under a minute with no tools and turns pumping into an easy one-person job.

The PTO-powered pump moves 315 gallons per minute and primes in seconds, not minutes. Every time. The compact design also allows its hoses to remain attached during transport and storage.

Originally designed to pump water from flooded bunkers on golf courses, TrunkPump™ has proven to be versatile enough to handle virtually any pumping application.

Note: TrunkPump™ is not manufactured by Venture Products Inc. Please visit the TrunkPump website for more information.

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