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V3 Principles - The principles and values that guide Venture Products Inc. to be the company they are. A strong emphasis on Quality, Ethics, Growth, Independence, and People make Venture Products a company that benefits its customers, dealers, distributors, and local community. Updated 2010-01-07

Advantages - Advantages of a Ventrac compact tractor. Updated 2011-03-22

Center Articulating Tractor - Discover the center articulating and oscillating difference. The Ventrac tractor frame pivots and oscillates in the center giving it incredible flexibility, gentle touch on turf, and an advantage on slopes and rough terrain by keeping all four tires in contact with the ground all the time. Updated 2011-03-22

Powerful Compact Tractor - Ventrac is relatively light and compact allowing you to get around in tight areas while packing plenty of power. Combine this with four equal sized flotation tires, and you get minimal turf disruption, even in wet and muddy conditions. Updated 2014-02-03

Comfort & Controls - Superb ergonomic S.D.L.A controls are at your fingertips. Combine this with power steering and a comfort seat, and you will quickly realize why Ventrac operators love to spend hours on their Ventrac. Updated 2011-03-23

Finish Mowers - Ventrac Finish Mowers leave behind a beautiful striping pattern to highlight a high end finished cut. Ventrac mowers are incredibly durable. Features such as easy height adjustment and a flip up deck design make Ventrac mowers easy to operate and service. Updated 2011-03-23

Green - Updated 2013-04-15

Propane - Updated 2013-04-15

Your One Tractor Solution - Over 30 front mounted commercial grade attachments to choose from that mount in minutes or less without tools or heavy lifting. Ventrac is much more than just a mower or loader, it's truly "Your One Tractor Solution". Updated 2013-01-28

Slope Mowing - Ventrac is the ultimate slope mower. With the ability to mow on hills of up to 30 degrees with plenty of power and superb handling, Ventrac is the choice of golf courses, landscapers, and anybody with slopes to mow. Updated 2014-02-25

Slope Mowing Safety - Safety while operating on hillsides. Updated 2013-01-16

Slope Mowing Specs - Specifications and ratings for Ventrac equipment on slopes. Updated 2014-02-03

Snow & Ice Management - Ventrac specializes in sidewalk snow removal and offers a variety of attachments to tackle light to heavy snow. Updated 2014-01-08

Sidewalk Snow - Snow Industry Leader and Consultant John Allin writes about his discovery of Ventrac, the new standard for sidewalk snow removal. Updated 2014-01-08

Snow Equipment Maintenance - Ventrac Service manager, Chad Nolt, explains how to extend the life of your Ventrac snow equipment. In this section, he covers washing the equipment, applying dialectric grease, and greasing the grease points on your compact tractor and snow equipment. He ends by explaining how to spray your equipment with a an outdoor corrosion & rust preventative. Updated 2010-10-27

Ventrac Mount System - With experience, all Attachments attachments mount quickly without the need of tools or heavy lifting in about a minute or less. Quickly disconnect from one attachment, connect to another, and get the job done! Updated 2013-01-28

V-Plus Warranty - Ventrac offers a 3 year residential and 2 year commercial V-Plus Warranty. Updated 2013-03-25

Weight Transfer - Weight Transfer improves traction and stability on slopes by transferring weight from front mounted attachment onto the front axle of tractor. Read about how this works. Updated 2014-02-03

Applications - Discover where Ventrac excels. Updated 2013-09-06

Fall Leaf Management - Updated 2013-09-06

Slope Mowing - Ventrac is the ultimate slope mower. With the ability to mow on hills of up to 30 degrees with plenty of power and superb handling, Ventrac is the choice of golf courses, landscapers, and anybody with slopes to mow. Updated 2013-10-01

Snow Management - Ventrac specializes in sidewalk snow removal and offers a full lineup of attachments that excel in removing light to heavy snow. Updated 2014-03-07

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GSA Advantage - Over 30 front mounted commercial grade attachments to choose from that mount in minutes or less without tools or heavy lifting. Ventrac is much more than just a mower or loader, it's truly "Your One Tractor Solution". Updated 2011-03-22

Hydro-Torq XL - Updated 2010-02-05

MSDS - HydroTorq Material Safety Data Sheet for Synthetic Hydraulic Oil. Updated 2014-02-20

Specifications - HydroTorq Synthetic Hydraulic Oil specifications. Updated 2010-02-05

Markets - Different markets Ventrac shine in. Updated 2014-02-25

Resorts/Camps/Parks - Campground Owners, Park Managers and Resort Directors know the advantage of Ventrac for maintaining their grounds. Ventrac is their one tractor solution for mowing, clearing trails, snow removal, leaf blowing, stump grinding, trenching and much more. Ventrac commercial grade attachments are incredibly durable while delivering professional results. Updated 2014-02-25

Golf Course - Ventrac is the ideal solution for the golf course industry. Golf course superintendents discover the cost savings of buying a one tractor solution to take care of mowing, blowing, sweeping, trenching, grinding, and various other needs. Updated 2013-10-17

Suggested Equipment - Ventrac is the ideal solution for the golf course industry. Golf course superintendents discover the cost savings of buying a one tractor solution while care of mowing, blowing, sweeping, trenching, grinding, and various other needs. Updated 2010-12-10

Land Owners - Have a lot of acreage to maintain? Ventrac is the ideal package for land owners who want professional quality results and who want to do more than just mow. Updated 2010-12-10

Landscape Contractors - Not only do landscape contractors enjoy a Ventrac quality cut highlighted by a beautiful striping pattern, but they are discovering they can do much more than just mow. From snow to stump removal, and much more, Ventrac becomes your one tractor solution to all your year round landscaping needs. Updated 2013-06-21

Municipalities - Ventrac is the ideal solution for cities, parks, and other municipalities. Ventrac is your one tractor solution that will take care of your year needs including mowing, blowing, sweeping, grinding, and more. Updated 2011-11-03

Poultry - Poultry farmers are discovering the benefits of Ventrac around the farm. The perfect combination of power and size for cleaning poultry litter, laying out bedding, blowing debris, and squeegeeing floors, Ventrac is there to quickly and efficiently cycle your barn each step of the way. Updated 2014-02-25

Schools & Universities - Grounds management crews at schools, college, and Universities enjoy Ventrac professional grade equipment that can handle slopes while delivering quality performance. Updated 2011-03-23

Snow Management - Ventrac specializes in sidewalk snow removal and offers a full lineup of attachments that excel in removing light to heavy snow. Updated 2014-03-07

Tree Farms - The LQ450 field mower on Ventrac 3000 series tractors are what tree farmers use to mow between their trees. The optional shield kit protects tree branches. Ventrac's low profile and compact nature make it an ideal tractor to get in and around tight quarters while all wheel drive is useful when navigating in and around tree stump holes. The LC Stump Grinder obliterates stumps left behind, and one of over 15 attachments available for the 3000 series tractor. Updated 2014-02-25


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Products - Home page for the Ventrac product line. This includes the 3000 and 4000 series compact tractor line, over 30 minute mount attachments, as well tractor accessories. The freedom 300 is also a unique products tailored to those with physical handicaps. Updated 2014-02-27

Accessories - Accessory options for the Ventrac 3000 and 4000 series tractors. Choose from dual wheels, all weather cabs, and three point hitches to make your Ventrac more productive. Updated 2014-02-03

3000 Series Accessories - Accessories for Ventrac 3000 series compact tractors including all weather cab, roll bar, comfort suspension seat and more. Updated 2014-02-03

4000 Series Accessories - Accessories for Ventrac 4000 series compact tractors including all weather cab, dual wheels to go on slopes and hills up to 30 degree, and many more accessories to make your Ventrac more useful and productive. Updated 2014-02-03

Attachments - Ventrac features over 30 different attachments that fit on Ventrac 3000 and 4000 series tractors. Do everything from move, sweep, blow snow and other debris, to preparing or moving soil and other site preparation. A full line of Turf Maintenance products are also available to aerate, mow, and care for your turf needs. Several Specialty attachments perform a variety of functions. All Ventrac attachments connect in minutes or less without the use of tools. Updated 2014-01-30

Debris/Snow Removal

Blades KD - Ventrac power angle dozer blades are used for pushing material such as dirt, gravel, snow, and other debris.

Blower KA160 - The KA160 Power Blower rotates 180º horizontally left and right with a standard hydraulic motor controlled from the operator seat.

Blower LA162 - Blow away leaves and other debris. The LA162 Blower can be hydraulically angled 180º horizontally left and right for greater control over blowing direction.

Broom HB580 - The 58-inch HB580 Power Broom for the 4000 series is designed for sweeping and removal of material such as snow, leaves, dirt, light gravel, and thatch.

Broom LB540 - 54" LB540 Broom for the 3000 series Ventrac tractors. Sweep away snow, leaves, dirt and other materials.

Snow Blower KX523 - The KX523 Snow Blower is a 2 stage unit to meet the heavy-duty demands of snow removal. The serrated auger attacks light or hard-pack snow, blowing it a distance of up to 40 feet. The discharge chute hydraulically rotates left or right 220º.

Snow Blower LX423 - The LX423 Snow Blower is an aggressive power attachment for moving snow. The serrated auger attacks light or hard-pack snow, blowing it a distance of up to 40 feet. The discharge chute hydraulically rotates 180º allowing the operator to blow snow to either side. The heavy duty design of this Snow Blower allows you to get the job done, season after season, no matter how deep the snow gets.

Turbine Style Blower ET200 - The Turbine Style Blower is designed to blow large volumes of air, and is much quieter than a conventional leaf blower. The ET200 can be used to blow leaves, light snow, and remove debris from sidewalks, parking lots and other areas. The ET200 Turbine Style Blower’s powerful front discharge nozzle can be hydraulically rotated 360 degrees from the comfort of the operator’s seat. The dual action front bumper/deflector protects the nozzle from damage. When the nozzle is pointed downward the deflector bars on the bumper direct the airflow forward, clearing a path directly in front of the tractor.

V-Blade KV552 - The V-Blade offers a more controlled debris removal over traditional blades. It is ideal for snow removal, poultry barns, or for moving dirt, mulch, soil, and other materials.

Soil/Site Preparation

Excavators HJ - HJ Excavator buckets allow the operator to excavate, dig, and haul material. Its innovative flip-back design allows for forward or reverse excavating. Dual cutting edges include one serrated and one smooth. The serrated cutting edge makes short work of digging in hard soils and is great for serious excavating. The smooth cutting edge is great for sod removal and peeling to a desired depth.

Power Rake KP540 - The Power Rake is designed for leveling rough ground, new yard installations, gravel driveways, as well as removing surface rocks and debris. Its compact design allows the operator to work in tight areas including around corners and edges. Seventy-two replaceable carbide tips pulverize and refine the soil. Materials can be moved forward or to either side by hydraulically angling the drum left or right. The rotor can also be reversed to allow back-dragging of soils and cleaning off debris.

Slip Scoops HE - Ventrac Slip Scoops are a must-have attachment allowing you to dig, level, and move a variety of materials such as soil, gravel, mulch, sand, debris, and much more. The HE series Slip Scoops are hydraulically controlled from the driver’s seat, allowing for smooth, effortless operation.

Tiller KL480 - The Ventrac Tiller is designed for easy preparation of gardens and yards. This power-driven front-end attachment allows the operator to easily monitor the tiller’s performance. Skid shoe setting controls cutting depth. Twenty-four high carbon tines are durable and are sequentially spaced to maximize performance.

Trencher KY400 - The Ventrac Trencher is capable of trenching up to 40 inches deep with a 5.5 inch-wide cut. Depth indicator allows operator to gauge depth of cut from the operator seat. Standard features include: Self-adjusting crumb scraper and combo terminator/cup chain with replaceable carbide teeth. The KY400 attached to a VENTRAC 4000 Series tractor gives the operator the ability to maneuver into hard-to-reach locations without damaging the turf.

VERSA-Loader KH500 - Discover the versatility and ease of the Ventrac Versa-Loader (shown with standard bucket). Drive up and attach in minutes without tools or heavy lifting. Once connected, choose the standard bucket or three other optional attachments, which also feature the Ventrac Mount System, and get the job done.

Terra Rake KR502 - The 49-inch Ventrac Terra Rake performs a variety of landscaping tasks including soil preparation, leveling ground, and removing rocks and debris. Features include: hydraulic angling and gauge wheels that can be mounted in the front or rear or be easily removed. Unlike pull-behind units, the Ventrac Terra Rake is front mounted, allowing the operator to keep material from being driven over. This minimizes compaction as well as making the Terra rake very easy to use.

Turf Maintenance

AERA-vator EA600 - The AERA-vator is used for power aeration and seeding. It is ideal for any turf grass maintenance. An optional over seeder is also available.

Aerator EB480 - For occasional aeration needs choose the aerator. Pick from core, slicing, or open spoon tines.

Mowers - Field LQ450 - The LQ450 Field Mower is designed to cut heavy grass and small brush growth up to a half inch in diameter. Two counter-rotating blades discharge the cut grass to the center rear. Suspended front chains allow tall grass to be cut more effectively and reduce the potential for front discharge. A single swivel tire is located on the front center frame of the mower. This position greatly reduces tree branch interference. Skid shoes on both sides provide anti-scalping and blade protection.

Mowers - Side Discharge HMHP - Ventrac HM/HP Series Side Discharge Mowers are built with a rugged all steel reinforced carrier frame designed for years of reliable performance. A full width rear roller eliminates scalping while maximizing grass striping, leaving your lawn looking like it was done by a professional. All decks come standard with a single lever adjustment to quickly change the cutting height. The flip-up deck design allows the deck to be tilted upright for transportation, storage or servicing.

Mowers - Side Discharge LM - Ventrac LM series side discharge finish mowers utilize a rugged all steel frame design built to give you maximum performance and productivity. A full width rear roller leaves behind a beautiful striping pattern highlighting a professional grade cut. An easy height adjustment quickly adjusts the cutting height between 1.5 to 3.75-inches. The LM series also features a flip up deck design for easy storage, service, and cleaning.

Mowers - Tough Cut HQ680 - The HQ680 Tough Cut Mower is designed for mowing high grass, thick weeds and small brush growth. Three heavy-duty blades counter rotate to cut and drop materials evenly without windrowing. Capable of cutting material up to an inch in diameter, the HQ680 makes short work out of brush. Tilt-up deck provides easy access to the blades. Easy servicing of belts and pulleys is provided by the hinged and removable cover.

Mowers - Reel MR740 - Ventrac's Triplex Reel Mower is designed to be the ultimate trim and surround mower. With a 74-inch cutting width, variable speed hydraulics, standard back lapping valves, and offset capability, the Ventrac Reel Mower includes many features to ensure superior, low-maintenance performance.

Mowers - Rear Discharge LK520 - The Ventrac Rear Discharge Mower features a 52-inch cutting width. The rear discharge design makes it easier to mow around obstacles without worrying about a discharge chute getting in the way while protecting mulch beds, buildings, and vehicles from discharged grass and other debris. This finish mower also features easy height adjustment, a flip-up deck design, and a rear roller for lawn striping and scalping protection.

Mowers - Contour Deck MJ840 - Save time and money with the 84-inch MJ840 Contour Deck without sacrificing quality of cut. Three decks float independently and follow the contour of the terrain with up to 40 degrees of motion for each side deck. The MJ840 also features full rear rollers for even cutting and striping, rear discharge, and a flip-up deck design.

Mowers - Rear Discharge MC600 - The Ventrac MC600 Rear Discharge Mower features a 60-inch cutting width. The rear discharge design makes it easier to mow around obstacles without worrying about a discharge chute getting in the way while protecting mulch beds, buildings, and vehicles from discharged grass and other debris. This mower features 16 cutting height positions, a rear roller for even cutting and striping, and a flip-up deck design.

Vacuum Collection System RV602 - The Ventrac RV602 Vacuum Collection System is designed to work with HM/HP series mowers for grass and leaf collection. This system consists of three primary components: 1. the bin assembly - mounts to the rear of 4000 series tractors 2. the suction/blower system - powered by a 10HP Vanguard engine with electric start for efficient pickup and superior performance 3. high lift mechanism - hydraulically raise the collection bin up to 60� and dump to unload the contents into a garbage bin or trailer.

Specialty Attachments

Edger ED200 - The ED200 Edger is designed to edge sidewalks, curbs, and cart paths as well as edging and maintaining flower and mulch beds. Edging can be done on either the right or left side per the operator’s choice. The 20-inch disc can also be turned around to cut around flower beds and more.

Generator HG150 - he Ventrac HG150 Generator gives you reliable, portable power wherever and whenever you need it. The HG150 will generate 12,500 continuous watts and 15,000 maximum watts of output power.

Stump Grinder KC180 - The KC180 Stump Grinder features 18 replaceable heavy-duty carbide cutting teeth for large or small stump removal. The Stump Grinder, mounted on the 4000 Series tractor, creates an agile, powerful and "turf friendly" mobile unit for lawns, golf courses, parks, and municipalities. The standard front mounted mirror allows the operator to see the stump easily while being fully protected from debris. Steering wheel-controlled articulation provides side-to-side cutting action. Forward and reverse motion is controlled with the tractor’s hydrostatic drive.

Stump Grinder LC150 - The LC150 Stump Grinder makes quick work of unwanted stumps and roots. Twelve heavy-duty replaceable carbide cutters provide extended and effective performance in spite of dirt, stones, and debris in work area. The stump grinder mounted on the 3000 series tractor creates an agile, powerful machine for even the toughest jobs in the tightest places. Steering wheel-controlled articulation provides side-to-side cutting action. Forward and reverse motion is controlled with the tractor’s hydrostatic drive. A multifunction adjustable blade hydraulically lowers for use as a depth guide, jack stand, and to fill in stump holes.

Sod Cutter EC240 - The Ventrac Sod Cutter is idea for landscapers, homeowners, golf courses and others looking for an easy way to cut sod. The 24-inch knife cleanly cuts the sod for flower beds, walkways, and lawns. With a cutting depth of 0 to 2-1/2 inches, the Sod Cutter can be used to cut thick lush grass or shave off dirt for worksite preparation or an irrigation trenching job.

Ballpark Groomer B-BP-4 - Maintain baseball diamonds and other surfaces with the 4 foot wide ballpark field groomer made by Bannerman.

Featured Product - Ventrac highlights products each month that are useful during this time of year. Updated 2010-02-26

Aeration - Aeration is the Product feature for the Month of February. Discover the importance of aeration with the Ventrac AERA-vator and Aerator. Updated 2010-02-26

Power Rake - The KP540 Power Rake will save labor, time and hard work for homeowners and landscapers as well as city, county or state commercial properties. Updated 2011-11-28

Rear Discharge Mowing Decks - Discover the advantage of Rear Discharge Mowing Decks. Mow safely without the dangers of a side discharge mower. Updated 2011-03-23

Scoops & Excavators - Slips Scoops and Excavation Buckects are the Product features for the Month of March. Discover the versatility of the Ventrac slip scoop and excavator buckets for use around the job site your own back yard. Updated 2011-03-23

Tiller, Edger, & Sod Cutter - Get ready for spring with spring attachments. The tiller, sod cutter, and edger are versatile attachments for Ventrac tractors. Updated 2011-03-23

Tough Cut Mower - The HQ680 Ventrac Tough Cut Mower is ideal for mowing tall grass and heavy brush. Updated 2011-03-23

Other Products - Other products by Ventrac including the Freedom 300 transporter for the physically disabled. Updated 2010-02-08

Compact Tractors - Ventrac offers two series of tractors, the Ventrac 3000 series and 4000 series. Both series feature a center articulating frame, minute mount attachments, SDLA Controls, and more. Updated 2014-02-03

3000 Series - Updated 2014-02-03

3400Y Compact Tractor -

3400L Compact Tractor -

4000 Series - Ventrac 4000 series compact articulating tractors feature comfortable SDLA controls, power steering, all wheel drive. Choose from gas or diesel engines ranging from 26.5hp to 31hp. The 4200 series are all liquid cooled engines, while the 4100 is air cooled. Choose from over 30 minute mount attachments. Updated 2014-02-11

4500K Compact Tractor -

4500P Compact Tractor -

4500Z Compact Tractor -

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Testimonials - See what people are saying about their Ventrac. Read interviews, testimonials about why Ventrac is choice of homeowners, landscapers, golf courses, and more. Updated 2013-03-26

Jeff Hostetler - Former NFL quarterback, Jeff Hostetler, bought a Ventrac to safely handle the slopes of his home Morgantown, West Virginia home. Jeff soon discovered the versatility of the Ventrac, and also uses it to blow leaves and power rake his horse pasture. Updated 2013-03-26

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