Ventrac YMCA Soccer League


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OpponentGoals ForGoals AgainstResult
Kidron Kars 8 4Win
Central 0 1 Loss
Wii Not Fit 2 3 Loss
Angry Pelicans 1 5 Loss
Flash 0 8 Loss
Strike Force 8 4 Win
Man Chest Hair City 5 1 Win
Kidron Electric 6 2 Win
Thunder Chickens   

Current Roster

Denver Steiner
Dustin Steiner
Dave Miller
Erick Galindo
Derrick Ressler
Kirk Miller
Roscoe Lehman
Devin Steiner
Dallas Steiner



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Rules are pretty much the same as last year. One new rule: You may NOT pass back to the goalie and have him pick it up with his hands. Doing so will result in an indirect kick. Like last year, this rule is in effect: A penalty play is awarded when a ball is directly kicked to the ceiling (ceiling, rafters, and lights). Curtain and deflection is just change of possession as always.

Team Color: RED

This year we have team provided shirts that red. If you don't have one, or one isn't clean, bring a bring red shirt.