About Ventrac The birth of Ventrac compact tractors

1941 Marvin Steiner, age 26, starts building custom farm equipment.
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Engagement::Marvin Steiner and his future wife Mary.  They married in 1940. Young Steiner Family::Marvin,his wife Mary and three oldest boys Glenn, Roy, & Richard in an early family photo. 1947 Corn Picker::Marvin Steiner designed custom agricultural equipment such as this 4-Wheel Drive Corn Picker shown here. Custom Agricultural Equipment::Marvin Steiner's passion for mechanized farming was ignited by the rationing and shortages of World War II. The family farm northeast of Dalton, Ohio became the testing grounds for many of his inventions. Early Mechanical Interests::Instead of buying a pony for his kids, Marvin Steiner designed simple tractors for his sons, sparking the Steiner brother's interest in machinery. Born on a tractor::The Steiner boys grew up around and on various tractors, many of which they helped their father custom design. Born on a tractor::Roy with brothers Richard, Elam, and Steve on the family farm. Born on a tractor::Brothers Elam, Richard, Roy, Glenn on the family farm pose on an 8N Ford tractor. Born on a tractor::Dallas on one of his dad's invention tractors. This custom tractor had a Ford 390 engine with a MM rear drive system.  The Steiner Homestead::Forage harvester and self unloading wagons, built in the early 1960's.  Annually it was used to fill 50 to 60 silos. Steiner Family::Marvin and Mary had seven boys. back row: Mark, Roy, Elam, Steve, Glenn. front row: Richard, Marvin, Mary, and Dallas 1974 First Compact, Articulating Tractor::Glenn Steiner tests out the first generation compact articulating tractors. 1974 First Compact, Articulating Tractor::Roy Steiner tests out the first generation compact articulating tractors. First Compact, Articulating Tractor::In 1974 the Steiner brothers designed their first hydrostatic, compact, articulating tractor. 1978 Model S-16 Tractor::16 horse power, 1986 Seven Steiner Brothers::Back row: Steve, Roy, Mark, Glenn, Elam
Front row: Richard, Dallas 1988::In 1988, The Turf division was sold to Ransomes of Ipswich, England. 1996 Wheel Chair Tractor 2320::Ventrac works on the design of the Ventrac 2320, a tractor for the physically handicapped. Many of features originally designed for ease of use for those in wheel chairs such as easy SDLA controls and power steering were later implemented in the Ventrac 3000 and 4000 series. 1996 Freedom 300::Venture Products introduces the Freedom 300, a transporter for the physically disabled. 1998 Ventrac 4000 series introduced::First production model in 1998 of the new 4000 series Ventrac. 1998 Ventrac 4000 series introduced::Richard Steiner and his daughter Kristina. 1999 Ventrac 3000 series introduced::Model 3000 first production in 1999. Today::The Steiner family continues designing and manufacturing new and innovative products.
Plant 2 Assembly Plant - Ventrac products are painted and assembled at Plant 2 in downtown Orrville, Ohio. Plant 2 is also the location of Ventrac's parts, service, sales, and marketing offices.
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The Steiner family has always been about the business of making life simpler through practical engineering, design ingenuity and good old fashion common sense. Those early values passed on by their father, Marvin Steiner continues to be the driving force, that pushes them to design and manufacture the highest quality equipment available, surpassing the needs of our ever-changing world.

Steiner Brother's Design In the mid 1970’s the seven Steiner brothers formed Steiner Corporation.  Through the next fourteen years their company grew into 3 major marketing divisions, Turf Equipment, Agriculture Equipment  and a community repair shop.   In 1988, the Turf division was sold to Ransomes of Ipswich, England and the Agriculture line was sold to a group of employees that continued on with the agriculture products.  In 1996 "Steiner Ag Products" was renamed "Venture Products Inc" to fit with the company's new focus of providing equipment for the physically impaired. The new brand name VENTRAC was launched and in 1998 the Steiner brothers focused their energies on the new “next generation” all-wheel-drive compact tractor.  Since that time the market has embraced the VENTRAC with a tremendous reception.


VENTRAC’s versatility offers over 30 different attachments. Combining these with our Ventrac Mount System (less than a minute to attach or detach attachments) gives you a small power pack designed for maximum performance and versatility for many different market places, including the following: Landscapers, Municipalities, Churches, Universities, Golf Courses, Home owners, Parks, Sport Facilities, Shopping Malls, Tree Growers, Rental Yards, Nurseries, Airports and much more.

VENTRAC Equipment is sold only through authorized VENTRAC distribution. We look for enthusiastic and qualified distributors/dealers seeking opportunities to promote their businesses through quality built equipment.

Venture  Products, Inc. has two major facilities in Orrville, Ohio, USA. The VENTRAC product line, is hand crafted by experienced technicians who take pride in their work and are dedicated to excellence.

Venture Dr houses our corporate offices along with all the research and development, fabrication and welding, service, and parts and warehouse facilities. It is located at 500 Venture Dr, Orrville, OH
  • Offices complex for Sales, Service, Purchasing, and Administration
  • All designs are computer generated using 3D and 2D Cad software.
  • Fabrication is controlled with all CNC machines
  • And much of the welding is done by robotic welders.
  • Tractor Assembly Lines
Plant 2 is located at 328 E Water St, Orrville, OH 44667
  • A state of the art paint system which includes a 7 stage washing system. 
  • Attachment assembly lines

Venture  Products, Inc. is committed to our core values which we call our V3 Principles: Venture-Vision-Values. These basic values are the philosophy behind our conduct and the cornerstone for our growth. They are deeply rooted in the heritage of our company and its ownership.

We invite you to discover VENTRAC.  We at Venture  Products, Inc. are proud of our accomplishments and welcome you to share it with us. We are determined that VENTRAC can unlock opportunities never before imagined.   We welcome you to become involved with us at Venture Products, Inc.  

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