Ventrac Advantage:
Center Oscillating/Articulating Tractor

The Center Articulating Difference

Center Articulating Frame:

The tractor frame pivots in the center, allowing the rear tires to follow in the same path as the front tires.  This allows the tractor to easily navigate around obstacles and without damage to the turf.

Center Oscillating Frame:

The front frame oscillates independently of the rear frame. This allows the Ventrac to adapt to the terrain and keeps all four drive tires in contact with the ground even on the roughest terrain.

Why this matters:

  • Maneuverability - Unlike a zero turn mower, skid-steer, or straight frame tractor the rear wheels of an articulated tractor follow in the same path of the front wheels. Result: Front or rear attachments follow the same path as the tractor, minimizing the space required to turn and reducing the likelihood of hitting an obstacle.
  • Gentle on turf - Not only do the rear tires follow the path of the front tires, but the tires at the outside of the turning circle always travel at the appropriate speed relative to the tires at the inside of the turning circle. Result: Reduced turf disturbance, helping you to maintain a healthier lawn.
  • Advantage on slopes and rough terrain - An articulated tractor with an oscillating frame keeps all 4 drive tires on the ground even on the roughest of terrain. Result: Maximum traction when you need it the most, increasing your agility and safety on slopes and rough terrain.
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