Ventrac Advantage:
Comfort & Controls

Power Steering::Easy to see dashboard on the 4200.

Power Steering

All Ventrac tractors are equipped with power steering for ease of control.
Standard Comfort Seat::4000 series

Comfort Seat

Enjoy hours of relaxed operation from the seat of your Ventrac. For added comfort, support, and a smoother upgrade, Ventrac offers an optional fully adjustable Suspension Seat. Adjustments include back rest, lumbar support, and weight distribution.
SDLA Controls::4000 series

S.D.L.A. Controls

Learn to drive a Ventrac in just minutes with simple and intuitive Speed, Direction, Lift, and Auxiliary controls. The ergonomic S.D.L.A. controls give you complete control of the tractor right at your fingertips in one central location. With the S.D.L.A. controls, you will be able to control the following:

SDLA - "S", Speed Control Speed Tractor acceleration, braking, and travel speed. The further forward or rearward you push the S.D.L.A. controls, the faster (or slower) the tractor will go. Bring the controls back to center to brake or stop.
SDLA - "D", DirectionDirection Tractor Forward and Reverse. Push the controls forward to make the tractor move forward. Pull the controls backward to make the tractor move backward.
SDLA - "L", Lift Lift Front Attachment lift, lower, and float. Pull the front S.D.L.A control in to lift the front attachment. Push the control out to lower the front attachment. Push the control out to the detent position to enable the front attachment to float on the ground, independent of the tractor.
SDLA - "A", Auxilary Function Auxiliary Function Hydraulic Auxiliary control. Push or pull the rear S.D.L.A. control in or out to control the hydraulic auxiliary for front attachments. For example: hydraulically angling the dozer blade or hydraulically rotating the snowblower chute
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