Advantanges: Slope Mowing

King of the Hill

The 4500 is recognized around the world
as the choice equipment for managing slopes.

Setting the Standard

Ventrac's 30 degree slope rating sets the
industry bench mark for slope operation.

Mow Mountains

Enjoy mountains at a whole new angle.

In a Class of Its Own


Going Where
Others Can't.


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While slopes and hillsides add aesthetics and dimension to the landscape, those same hills and slopes can be very dangerous to mow without the right type of slope mowing equipment. Ventrac tractors feature a low center of gravity and a wide stance to provide a safer solution for mowing slopes. An oscillating frame helps keep all four wheels in contact with the ground while an innovative weight transfer system improves traction and stability needed on hillsides.


Wheel Extensions

hug the ground

Increase your track width by 6 inches (15 cm) with the optional wheel extension kit and conquer side slopes of up to 25°.

Dual Wheels

wide stance

Achieve maximum side slope stability with Ventrac's dual wheel kit. Confidently operate on side slopes up to 30°.

Hug the Ground

hug the ground

Ventrac's compact frame is designed with a low center of gravity to give the tractor superior stability on slopes.

Downhill Braking

know your degree

Quick hydrostatic braking allows operators to confidently slow down, stop and reverse on hills.

Full Time Contact

Full Time Contact

When the Ventrac encounters uneven terrain, the tractor frame will pivot in the center to maintain superior contact with the ground and better weight distribution of the tractor.

Traction Control

know your degree

Ventrac's innovative weight transfer system improves traction, braking, and side-slope steering security by shifting a portion of the front attachment weight onto the tractor.

All-Wheel Drive

All Wheel Drive

Full-time, all-wheel hydrostatic drive delivers maximum performance and traction on slopes.

Know your degree

Know Your Degree

Know your degree of operation for increased safety on slopes. Optional slope degree indicator is available.

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Tractor Features

hug the ground
Center Articulating Tractor
hug the ground
Comfort & Controls
hug the ground
Weight Transfer
hug the ground
All-Wheel Drive
hug the ground
Ventrac Mount System
hug the ground
Compact Power
hug the ground
Your One Tractor Solution
hug the ground
Hydrostatic Drive


4500 Tractor Specifications

4000 series 30 degree dual wheels rating
30° max with dual wheels
57.7% grade
4000 series 25 degree sideway rating with wheel extensions
25° max with 3" wheel extensions
46.6% grade
4000 series 20 degree side of the hill rating
20° max without duals/extensions
36.4% grade
Slope Spec Sheet View 4500 Slope Spec Sheet

Model Specific Ratings

Model Continuous Use Intermittent Use^
4500K 20°
36.4% grade
57.7% grade
4500P 30°
57.7% grade
57.7% grade
4500Y 20°
36.4% grade
57.7% grade
4500Z 20°
36.4% grade
57.7% grade
Max Slope Rating
in any direction
Single TiresWheel ExtensionsDual Wheels
4500*20° (36%)25° (47%)30° (58%)
4500Z with Propane15° (27%)20° (36%)25° (47%)
4500 with Cab10° (18%)
4500 with Spreader10° (18%)
*Attachments, accessories, and tire configuration may reduce the 4500 power unit's maximum angle of operation.
Refer to applicable operator manuals for maximum angle of operation of equipment.

4500 Intermittent Use Defined

^ The engine may operate between 20° and 30° for up to 10 minutes. If 10 minutes is reached, the engine must be returned to 20° or less to assure proper oil lubrication. After returning to 20° or less, the intermittent cycle can be repeated. The 4500P Kawasaki DFI engine is rated for 30° continuous operation and does not have this requirement.

3400 Tractor Specifications
3000 series 20 degree side of hill rating
20° max sideways on hill
36.4% grade
Models Max Slope Rating
3400L, 3400Y 20°
36.4% grade

Operating On Slopes

Slopes can cause loss-of-control and tip-over accidents, which can result in severe injury or death.
Be familiar with the emergency parking brake, along with the tractor controls and their functions.
Use low range when operating on slopes greater than 15 degrees.
Never shift between high and low range while on a slope.
Always move the machine to level ground and place the selector lever in park before shifting range.
Variables such as wet surface and loose ground will reduce the degree of safety.
Do not drive where machine could lose traction or tip over.
Keep alert for hidden hazards in the terrain.
Stay away from drop-offs, ditches, and embankments.
Slow down before making sharp turns or operating on slopes.
Pulling loads on hills decreases safety.
It is the responsibility of the owner/operator to determine loads that can safely be controlled on slopes.
Transport machine with attachment lowered or close to the ground to improve stability.
While operating on slopes, drive in an up and down direction when possible.
If turning is necessary while driving across slopes, reduce speed and turn slowly in the downhill direction.
Ensure a sufficient supply of fuel for continuous operation. A minimum of one-half tank of fuel is recommended.
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