Snow Management: Snow Equipment Maintenance

Ventrac tractors and attachments are designed to work hard through the winter cold and snow. However, prolonged exposure to salts, de-icers and other corrosive agents can cause steel to rust, aluminum to oxidize and electrical connections to corrode. This exposure can ultimately reduce performance and shorten the life of your equipment.

Protect your investment and reduce maintenance costs! Follow our easy checklist to extend the life of your Ventrac equipment and help keep it in proper working condition for when you need it most.

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Ventrac Snow Equipment Maintenance Video

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Parts for Maintaining your Equipment:

Contact your local Ventrac dealer to order the following parts:

Touch Up Paint:
Ventrac Red Spray Paint
Spray Can #00.0048
Touch Up #00.0204
Ventrac Tan Paint
Spray Can #00.0143
Touch Up #00.0203
Ventrac Black Paint
Spray Can #00.0183

Corrosion & Rust Preventative:
Outdoor Metal Protectant #15.0034 (NEW - Ventrac Recommended)
Dielectric Grease #15.0035 (NEW Item)

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