Ventrac Contour Mower

Golf Course Your One Tractor Solution

Issues solved

  • Scalping and damage to course (see Contour Mower)
  • Safely mow slopes
  • Eliminates bulk of hand trimming
  • Maintenance of multiple machinery
  • Timing & Cost Savings

Bottom Line

A Ventrac gives you ONE machine with multiple attachments for a lower price than dedicated machines that do only one job.

Ventrac Mount Attachments30 degree slope rating
Ventrac Golf - Ventrac is serious about safely mowing slopes, eliminating turf damage, and reducing labor for the golf industry.
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Pete Dye Golf Course at French Lick - The Pete Dye Golf Course at French Lick was voted Best New Golf Course in 2009 by both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine. This beautiful course known for its slopes and obstacles.
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Hawk's Nest Golf Course Ohio State - Superintendent Mark Smith describes reduction in mowing time now that they are using Ventrac equipment.
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Mountain Aire Golf Club - Atop the placid Blue Ridge Mountains, just 35 minutes from Asheville, NC lies the Mountain Aire Country Club. In this interview with Service Manager James Binfield, James describes...
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Blog Entry :: New Machinery For Turfgrass - "Today golf courses rely on productivity, and with this new tractor that Ventrac has introduced on the market it can only make productivity that must faster and easier. Ventrac should and will be used by more golf courses in the future."

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Facebook :: Pete Dye Course in French Lick, IN - Fall work including tough cut, blowing cores, and aeration at the Pete Dye Course in French Lick, In.

Product Highlights

4000 series
84-inch Contour Finish Mowing Deck
84-inch anti-scalping mowing solution
Turbine Blower
Blow away leaves, clippings, & cores
Tough Cut
Rough mower for native grass areas.
Core-free aeration
One tractor solution saves $.

Ventrac is a complete package that will meet your golf course management needs:

Scalping Solution

The Ventrac 84" Contour Mower with its three independent decks will gently float over slopes and in and around dips 84" Contour Mower preventing scalping and gouging of the turf and give you a fairway finish at a fraction of the cost of reels.

Slope Solution

Elite golf courses around the country have discovered Ventracís superb handling on slopes, slopes that were previously only accessible using manual hand labor with a string trimmer. Equipped with dual wheels and All Wheel Drive, Ventrac 4500 tractors can operate on slopes up to 30 degrees. 30 degree slope rating This translates into less man hours required to do the job and a quality result.

Year Round Solution

Don’t clutter your shed with equipment you use only half of year... get a Ventrac. With Ventrac’s versatile, commercial grade mowers and attachments your equipment will work for you in every single season of the year. From mowing slopes and aerating fairways, rough cutting your native grass areas, trenching drainage line, grinding tree stumps, blowing leaves and grass clippings from bunkers and fairways, to snow removal, Ventrac is truly a One Tractor Solution... get one today.

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