Golf Course Suggested Equipment

Compact Tractors

4000 series compact tractor

4000 Series Tractor

  • Compact, Agile, Center Articulating Tractor
  • 26.531hp Gas & Diesel Powerful Engines
  • All Wheel Drive
  • Minute Mount AttachmentsOver 30 Ventrac Mount Attachments

Mowing Decks

84-inch Contour Finish Mowing Deck
  • 84" Contour Finish Mowing Deck
  • Three independent decks float with the contour of the terrain, preventing scalping while mowing a larger width.
  • Flip Up Deck Design
74-inch Triplex Reel Mower
  • 74" Triplex Reel Mower
  • Suberb Finish Cut using Baroness™ cutting heads
  • Fully serviceable and easy to maintain
HM/HP Series Finish Mower
  • 60 to 72" Side Discharge Finish Mower
  • Full roller for excellent striping
  • Flip-up Deck Design
Tough Cut brush hog for mowing tall grass, brush, and small bushes.
  • 68" Tough Cut Brush Mower for mowing dense grass and brush growth
  • Heavy duty attachment cuts material up to half inch in diameter
  • Ideal for maintaining hazards areas


Turbine Power Blower blowing leaves and other debris.
  • For serious leaf and debris removal, step up to the 10,000CFM turbine blower.
  • Front nozzle can be pointed upward to remove loose leaves from trees.
Power Blower blowing leaves and other debris.
  • Blow away leaves, grass clippings from your drive, and other debris.
  • 4000CFM volume
  • 180° side to side rotation to control blowing direction from the tractor seat.

Other Golf Attachments

Aera-vator for aerating
  • Core-less aeration=less mess, zero cleanup
  • Designed to stir and loosen the soil beneath the sod without destroying the turf.
  • Optional Seeder Kit allow for simulatenous overseeding.
Ventrac Broom for sweeping an dremoval of snow, leaves, dirt
  • Sweep cart paths, around the clubhouse, and in parking lots.
  • Used in all seasons for leaves, snow, grass clippings, dirt, and other debris
Snow Blower for blowing away snow.
  • Designed for heavy-duty demands of snow removal.
  • Up to 40 feet blowing distance
  • 220° side to side rotation
Stump Grinder for removing stumps
  • Obliterates stumps and roots.
  • Tractor is "turf friendly", allowing you to get in and out without disrupting nearby turf.
Trencher for trenching
  • Gets into hard to reach areas and navigates adverse terrain
  • Capable of trenching up to 40 inches deep, 5 1/2 inch wide
48-inch Slip Scoop hauling dirt, mulch and other materials
  • Replace your wheelbarrow and easily transport soil, sand, gravel, mulch, and much more.
  • 6 ft3 bucket capacity
60 or 72 inch Dozer Blade for plowing or digging
  • Push dirt, debris, snow, and other materials.
  • 60 or 72-inch widths
  • Hydraulically angle the blade left or right

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