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Press Releases

Title Date Released Press ReleaseAdditional Materials
Ventrac Unveils New 3400 Tractor February 3, 2014 View
Ventrac 3400
Ventrac Unveils the New RV602 Vacuum Collection System September 3, 2013 View
NEW RV602 Video
Ventrac Receives Presidential Award for Export Growth May 20, 2013 View
Ventrac Unveils New 4500Y Diesel-Powered Tractor April 15, 2013 View
PERC Approves Ventrac for $1000 Propane Incentive Program January 18, 2013 View
Do It All With Propane on a Ventrac

$1000 Mower Incentive Program
Ventrac Unveils New 4500 Tractor at International Sales Meeting July 20, 2012 View
New Ventrac 4500 Introduction
Ventrac Breaks Ground on New Ohio Facility June 26, 2012 View
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