VENTRAC Power Buckets HE

Ventrac Power Buckets HE
39.55213HE302 POWER BUCKET
39.55214HE482 POWER BUCKET
Accessory Options:
70.4109 KIT, DUAL FRONT HYD AUX 4500
Weight:145 lbs190 lbs
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V-Plus Warranty:
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Residential: 3 year*
Commercial: 2 year *
Ventrac Power Buckets are a must for any Ventrac owner. The scoops are great for transporting material such as soil, sand, gravel, mulch, debris, snow, and much more. Used for landscaping, excavation, backfilling, leveling, digging and grading, the Power Buckets are an indispensable attachment from construction sites to your own backyard, allowing you to say goodbye to your old wheelbarrow.

Ventrac Power Buckets are hydraulically controlled from the driver's seat, allowing for smooth, effortless operation. The Power Bucket is designed to sit upright after detachment, with the lift arms in the proper position for direct reconnection when the bucket is used again.

The Power Bucket attaches with the Ventrac Mount System, allowing for attachment changes in a snap.

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Customer Testimony

David Rudolph
I had to run 100 to 200 yards for each load using nothing but my 4100 with the slip scoop. Due to the hilly terrain and wet ground no other tractor or truck could get in without leaving huge ruts in the lawn. By 5 pm we had spread 144 yards of mulch and completed the job. [Read More]
David Rudolph - Pylesville, MD

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