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VENTRAC Mowers - Side Discharge HMHP

Ventrac Mowers - Side Discharge HMHP
Accessory Options:
39.55151 HM, KIT MULCHING HM/HP720/722
39.55150 HM, KIT MULCHING HM600/602
Length:52 in58 in58 in
Width:73 in85 in85 in
Height:16 in16 in16 in
Weight:385 lbs450 lbs450 lbs
Width of Cut:60in72in
Download Manuals:
V-Plus Warranty:
* Download Warranty Info
Residential: 3 year*
Commercial: 2 year *
Ventrac HM & HP Mower Decks utilize a rugged all steel frame design, which suspends the Ventrac's progressive discharge deck. This design gives you a high efficiency grass discharge for a better quality of cut by moving more grass efficiently through the deck tunnel. With the removal of two pins beneath the cross frame, the deck can be easily tilted to a near vertical position for maintenance and storage.

All HM and HP decks offer full-width rear rollers with large pneumatic front swivel caster tires to float over the terrain independent of the tractor. Engage the tractor's integrated adjustable weight transfer system, (option on the 4100 series) which transfers a percentage of the mower weight back to the tractor, for increased traction and stability on slopes and inclines.

The HP deck is a 72-inch mower which is offset to the left side 6.5 inches. This aids in mowing along ditches, ponds and trimming around obstacles, keeping the tractor on solid ground. The offset also makes for a smaller cutting radius increasing productivity.

The LAS Linear Adjustment System, provides cutting height selections between 1 to 4 inches (4.5 to 12 cm). A single hand height adjustment allows for an effortless change in cutting height. A slide release allows the handle to be returned to the deck level preventing it from catching on low obstacles.

All Ventrac finish mowers feature full width rollers for exceptional yard striping. These professional grade mowers are built to give you maximum performance and productivity.

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Customer Testimony

Tammie & David Glover
Ventrac has given us the gift of time. It gives me more time with my family, more time to enjoy a well-kept yard, and keeps me safe to enjoy that extra time. [Read More]
Tammie & David Glover - Barboursville,WV

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