VENTRAC Mowers - Tough Cut HQ680

Ventrac Mowers - Tough Cut HQ680
39.55104HQ680 MOWER, TOUGH CUT
Accessory Options:
Length:45 in
Width:69 in
Height:18 in
Weight:360 lbs
Width of Cut:68in
Download Manuals:
HQ680 OWNERS6,583K
Serials: 1902-
HQ680 OWNERS1,739K
Serials: 1001-1901
HQ680 CE compliant OWNERS6,610K
Serials: 1902-
V-Plus Warranty:
* Download Warranty Info
Residential: 3 year*
Commercial: 2 year *
The HQ680 Tough Cut Mower is designed for mowing high grass, thick weeds and brush. A large baffled front opening allows brush to enter for cutting and hinders debris from escaping.

Three heavy-duty blades counter rotate to cut and drop materials evenly without windrowing. Capable of cutting material up to an inch in diameter, the HQ680 makes short work out of heavy brush.

The Tough Cut can be adjusted to three cutting heights: 3, 3 5/8, and 4 1/4 inches. Easy servicing of belts and pulleys is provided by the hinged and removable cover. The tilt-up deck provides easy access to the blades.

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Customer Testimony

Glenn Garrett
We've actually run tests with the crew and with the Ventrac units, and what we've found is the one Ventrac can replace twelve guys with large commercial grade weed eaters. The machines are just that much for efficient. [Read More]

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