VENTRAC Blower KA160

Ventrac Blower KA160
39.55440KA160 POWER BLOWER
Length:36 in
Width:23.5 in
Height:20 in
Weight:170 lbs
Dicharge Volume:4000CFM
Max Wind Speed:180mph
Side to Side rotation:180°
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V-Plus Warranty:
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Residential: 3 year*
Commercial: 2 year *
The revolutionary KA160 Power Blower features a vertical shaft design that delivers a powerful, yet quiet performance. The blower can be used to remove leaves, light snow, water, etc.

The blower housing can be rotated 180 degrees with the standard hydraulic motor. This allows the operator to move debris in the desired direction without hindering operation. Two gauge wheels maintain a consistent distance from the surface.

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Customer Testimony

Ryan Sprunger
We use our Ventrac for every job possible. There isn't a day in the year where there isn't a job that we are not using it for something. [Read More]
Ryan Sprunger - Dalton, OH

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