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VENTRAC Strobe Light 70.4030

Ventrac Strobe Light 70.4030
Residential: 3 year*
Commercial: 2 year *
Discontinued Product
The strobe light is an option which provides increased safety for road-side operation and low-visibility situations, such as foggy or snowy conditions.

The strobe light is five inches high and attaches easily to both the standard and fold down roll bars. The single-flash strobe light flashes 60 times per minute and is protected by steel bars.

Two rear-mount work lights allow the operator to monitor any rear-motion work.

CAUTION: If the strobe light is mounted on a fold down roll bar in the lowered position, the 3-point hitch cannot be fully raised without damaging the strobe light. Ventrac recommends fold down roll bars be operated in the upright position at all times. Cannot be used with canopy or cab.

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