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VENTRAC Dual Wheel Kit 70.4067

Ventrac Dual Wheel Kit 70.4067
Residential: 3 year*
Commercial: 2 year *
Dual Wheels are available for the 4000 series tractors. They are designed to increase stability, traction, and safety on slopes. Dual wheels are also great for reduction of soil compaction on delicate ground. Once the dual hubs have been installed on each wheel, the duals can be quickly mounted and dismounted. (Outside Dual tires should be inflated to a maximum of 4 psi.). Duals are recommended for sandy soils or where a broad distribution of tractor weight is desired, including when driving sideways on slopes greater than 20 degrees (not to exceed 30 degrees). Duals are only one of numerous considerations for safety on slopes; speed, terrain, irregularities, and stopping the unit are other serious factors to consider for safe operation of the tractor. NOTES:
  • Do NOT use dual wheels when using the Ventrac VERSA-Loader.
  • Engine manufacturers´┐Ż maximum angle of operation is 250 for continuous use (all directions) and 300 intermittent use*. The Vanguard 31hp Turbo Diesel ** is rated for 300 continuous use.
  • Do NOT use with Wheel Extensions

* Intermittent use is up to 10 minutes on the slope, then return to level ground before returning to the slope.
** The maximum angle of operation for the Vanguard 31hp Turbo Diesel, installed in serial numbers 4200-WCB2380 and earlier, is 250 continuous and 300 intermittent. Exceeding the rated angle of operation may result in engine damage.

Additional Resource

Removing Dual Wheels:A quick video showing a Ventrac operator removing dual wheels from his Ventrac. -
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Customer Testimony

Brian Stein
After my first DEMO with the dual wheel kit I was sold. I was able to mow completely around these beds midslope cutting both on side hill as well as up and down. The control, traction and stability on this slope is amazing. [Read More]
Brian Stein - Valencia, PA

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