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KH500 Specifications

Picture KH500
Sales ModelKH500
Full DescriptionKH, KH500 LOADER
Product TypeAttachment
Front MountVentrac Mount System
4000 series mountstandard
Length75 inches
Length with KT Tractor114 inches
Working Width48 inches standard bucket
Width48½ inches
Height67 inches
Weight508 pounds without tools
Total Weight927 pounds with std bucket
Bucket Capacity5 cubic feet standard bucket
Lift Height77 inches
Lifting Capacity Inc/ Tools500 pounds
Auger Drive Shaft inches
Auger Gearbox Oil Cap.3.84 oz. of 75W-140 Synthetic lube
Auger RPM Fast Drive80 RPM
Auger RPM Slow Drive48 RPM
Gallon/min. @3600 rpm gpm
Oil Tank Cap.6 gallons
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