VENTRAC Landscape Rake KR502

Ventrac Landscape Rake KR502
39.55431KR502 TERRA RAKE
Accessory Options:
70.3036 KIT, 12V FRONT 3400
70.4104 KIT, 12V FRONT 4500
Length:59 in
Width:49 in
Height:32 in
Weight:250 lbs
Width w/ Wings:69in
Download Manuals:
KR502 OWNERS3,980K
Serials: AC1128-
KR502/702 OWNERS436K
Serials: KR502:1050-1127, KR702:1050-1173
KR502ce CE compliant OWNERS4,019K
Serials: SERIAL # AC1128-
V-Plus Warranty:
* Download Warranty Info
Residential: 3 year*
Commercial: 2 year *
The 49-inch Ventrac KR Landscape Rake performs a variety of landscaping tasks. From soil preparation, leveling ground, to removing rocks and debris, the KR502 works with ease and efficiency.

The curved tines on the Landscape Rake can be used in either direction. Unlike pull-behind units,the Ventrac Landscape Rake is front mounted, allowing the operator to keep material from being driven over. This minimizes compaction as well as making the Landscape Rake very easy to use. The Landscape Rake can also be mounted to the rear 3-Point Hitch with the Ventrac 3-N-1 Adapter for pulling material.

Front gauge wheels are adjustable front-to-back. If a wider surface area is needed, optional 10 -inch extensions are available, giving the operator an additional 20 inches of surface area.

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