Ventrac V-Blade KV552
39.55271KV552 V-BLADE
Accessory Options:
70.3036 KIT, 12V FRONT 3400
70.4104 KIT, 12V FRONT 4500
70.8046 KIT, KV 6" EXT W/6" TOP FLARE
Length:40 in
Width:55 in
Height:24 in
Weight:240 lbs
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V-Plus Warranty:
* Download Warranty Info
Residential: 3 year*
Commercial: 2 year *
The 55 inch Ventrac KV552 V-Blade maximizes efficiency with the ability to quickly change from V plow to Scoop to straight blade, all from the convenience of Ventrac´┐ 1/2s exclusive S.D.L.A. control system. With a 48´┐ 1/2 V width, the KV552 is ideal for walks and areas that larger blades are unable to plow.

Standard features include hydraulically activated wing cylinders, mechanical trip, adjustable cast iron skid shoe discs, reversible high carbon hardened steel cutting edges, and a center shoe for gliding over rough terrain. Pivot points are fully greasable to ensure proper operation, even in the worst environments.

The KV552 V-Blade fits Ventrac 3000 and 4000 series tractors, and requires the 12V switch and plug kit.

Customer Testimony

Barry Frey
Ice and snow removal was a huge part of this contract, and their grounds are challenging, with steep hills that make people like me think twice about how to maintain them... The Ventrac made a hero out of my business. [Read More]
Barry Frey - Smithfield, PA

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