VENTRAC Freedom Model 300 VR300

Ventrac Freedom Model 300  VR300
V-Plus Warranty:
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Residential: 3 year*
Commercial: 2 year *
Discontinued Product
This product is no longer offered by Ventrac, and is now being distributed by:
Foresight Services LLC
12152 Cascade Rd, Lowell MI 49331
PH: 616-897-0479
Website: http://disabilityworktools.com/powerhorse-wheelchair-driver/

A FREEDOM 300 Tri-Wheeler transport system has an air of excitement for those who want more freedom to do those every day tasks around the home, business or farm.

The FREEDOM 300 opens up a whole new world of opportunities by giving the operator independence, mobility, and reliability, while at the same time allowing you the ability to be self-sufficient. Easy access to the operator platform allows the operator to quickly transition from moving around in the chair to traveling down the street at speeds up to 15 MPH.

This unique FREEDOM 300 is designed to allow you, the operator, to stay in your own wheel chair by easily rolling into the operating platform. After the chair is in the proper position, the hinged ramp is raised becoming the tailgate. Upon reaching your destination, you can easily roll your chair off the entrance/exit ramp. No chair transfer is necessary. You have your own chair with you at all times!

The FREEDOM 300 has front wheel drive and is powered by an electric start 6.5 horsepower engine. Power is transferred to the hydrostatic transmission which gives the operator smooth forward or reverse control. The forward/reverse lever bar is conveniently located on the steering handlebar.

Large rear pneumatic tires provide a soft ride. Ground clearance varies depending on the height that the rear wheels are attached. The lowest compartment setting gives a 1 to 12 ramp incline for entering and exiting. The higher settings give the compartment more clearance for navigating rougher terrain.

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