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Universal Receiver Mount

Universal mounting options available for 2" receiver hitch or a category one three-point hitch.

* Typical Application Rate is based on using bagged rock salt at 3.5 lbs/1 thousand ft² at 5 mph application speed under ideal conditions. Distance will vary based on your application rate and operating conditions.

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The Ventrac Sidewalk Drop Spreader is the ultimate tool for spreading an array of deicing materials with precision flow control. Designed with a narrow frame and a 40” drop pattern, this spreader is ideal for spreading material on sidewalks and other narrow walkways.

Material is evenly distributed using a unique compression roller system. An easy gate adjustment allows for fine tuning flow rates based on the type of material being spread and the desired quantity being applied. The wireless remote control regulates five motor speeds for quick flow adjustments from the operator seat.

The stainless steel hopper prevents premature failure due to rust and corrosion. The innovative agitation system prevents material bridging and eliminates the need for a traditional, noisy vibration motor.

Universal mounting options are available for a 2” receiver hitch or a category one three-point hitch.


Features and Benefits

Precision Drop-Rate Control Innovative Agitation System
Increases Salt Savings 12V Electric Drive/Transmission
Consistent Drop Pattern Capacity 2.5 ft³/200 lbs
Low Maintenance Design Stainless Steel Construction
Quick Return on Investment Material Safety Grate
Easy Flow Adjustments Weatherproof Cover

Compression Roller System

Wireless Control

Compression Roller System Wireless Control

Universal Mounts Available

Optional High-Capacity Extensions

Universal Mounts Available Optional High-Capacity Extensions


Stock Code 70.2013
Material Bin Construction Stainless Steel
Motor 12V LEESON®
Material Capacity 2.5 ft³/200lbs
Wireless Controller Hand-held 5 speed with burst
Mounting Options  
Ventrac 4000 Series Tractors 70.8140
Ventrac 3400 Tractor 70.8141
Ventrac 3000 Series Tractors 70.8151
Universal 2" receiver hitch 70.8142
Universal Category One 3 Point Hitch 70.8143
Optional Accessories  
Extended Hopper Kit (Additional 2.5 ft³/200lbs) 70.8149
High Speed Sprockets 70.8150
Length 22 inches
Width 47 inches
Drop Width 40 inches
Height 16 inches
Weight 160 lbs
Spreading Distance* 3 miles
Spec Sheet pdf download
* Typical Application Rate is based on using bagged rock salt at 3.5 lbs/1 thousand ft2 at 5 mph application speed under ideal conditions.
Distance will vary based on your application rate and operating conditions.
All specifications subject to change without notice or obligation

Manuals & Support

Ventrac Support
Operation and Parts Manuals

Material Application Calculator

Have you ever wondered how to calibrate your spreader?

Use this calculator to help calibrate your spreader, and get a better idea of how much material you are spreading.

Deicing Material Application Calculator
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lbs in mins
Application Rate
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How Far Will it Go?
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Park spreader in a controlled location with no bystanders present.


Prepare a large bin or tarp to collect material that will be dispensed from spreader.


With a stopwatch in hand, simultaneously turn on spreader and start the timer.

Collect material for a set amount of time (recommend 2-5 minutes).


Weigh material that was dispensed from spreader.


Input data below.


If adjustment is needed, refer to owners manual and adjust application rate to desired settings. Repeat steps as needed.


If machine engine is not running – system voltage and spreader drop rate may be reduced. If testing in an area that the machine engine cannot – system voltage may be maintained with the use of a battery charger.


Application Rates

Use of excessive amounts of ice melt products increases the cost of treatment and could harm vegetation due to run off of materials. For these reasons, it is best to use the minimum amount of material necessary to achieve the desired results.


This calculator is intended to help snow professsionals estimate the amount of deicing material that may be applied at various settings. Application rate will vary based on operating conditions, speed, and material. It is the sole responsibility of the snow professional to determine the necessary usage of deicing material

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