VENTRAC 3223D Compact Tractor

Discontinued Product
Whether you're mowing grass, grinding out a stump or moving a pile of snow or soil, the 3200 unit is more than enough tractor for whatever project that comes your way. Get attached using the Ventrac Mount System which allows you to change 18 plus attachments quickly and efficiently from job to job with minimal effort. This is Versatility at its best.

The 3200 features All-Wheel-Drive, Power Steering, Hydrostatic Drive, and more. The Ventrac Mount System allows you to change attachments quickly and efficiently, moving from job to job with minimal effort. Ventrac's patented S.D.L.A. control allows you easy control of Speed, Direction, Lift and Auxiliary function all with one hand. Combine these features with a tight 28 inch (71 cm) turning radius and you will find the 3200 can tackle jobs reserved for much larger, less maneuverable machines.

Equipped with a patented Tandem Drive Train, the 3200 efficiently transfers power to where it's needed for unparalleled performance and power.

Also standard on the 3200 is weight transfer and tilt steering wheel.

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Clearing Massive Thorn Bushes - For this estate owner, the Ventrac 3200 with field mower proves its worth as it cuts through overgrown brush on the property.
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Attachment switch in 13 seconds - Two Ventrac tractors demonstrate how quick and easy it is to switch attachments in Orrville Parade. FYI: They still need to attach hydraulic houses on the v-blade and snow blower...
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