Fall Leaf Management

Leave Nothing Behind


Mulching Made Easy


The Right Direction

Leaf blowers hydraulically rotate 180°
for excellent control.

Lots of Leaves?
Lots of Air.


Quick Disconnect
Vacuum Hose


A Clean Sweep


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Ventrac has the right solutions for managing fall leaves on your property. From our industry leading Vacuum, to our powerful leaf blower options, you will enjoy maintaining your property with Ventracs fall leaf management solutions.

Ryan Sprunger
Kidron Auction

Ventrac Tree Farm Testimonial

" We use our Ventrac for every job possible. There isn't a day in the year where there isn't a job that we are not using it for something."

Andrew Michaels
Camp Luz

Ventrac Muni Testimonial

"It's more bang for your buck! It's one tractor that we use all four seasons, in all conditions. It just makes my WORLD so much easier"

Joel Schaefer
Home Owner

Ventrac Muni Testimonial

"If you have a lot of leaves Ventrac is the machine for you! Not sure which is more fun blowing leaves or snow."

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Leave Nothing Behind

RV602 Vacuum Collection System

The Vacuum collection system is the professional choice for quickly clearing the fall leaves that blanket the yard.

Leaf Management Made Easy

KA160 Power Blower

Fall leaves are a breeze for Ventrac tractors and attachments. Make short work of the leaves blanketing your yard with Ventrac!

Leave The Rake In The Shed

ET200 Turbine Blower

Let your Ventrac do the heavy lifting of fall leaf cleanup, all from the comfort of the operator seat.

The Right Direction

LA160 Power Blower

Ventrac leaf blowers can be hydraulically rotated left or right 180° for excellent control of where the leaves blow.

High Volumes Of Air

High Volumes Of Air

The Ventrac Turbine Style Blower moves massive volumes of air to make clearing large areas an easy task

Rest Assured

KA160 Power Blower

No more worrying if the engine on your leaf blower will start in the fall. With Ventrac blowers you don't have to maintain an extra engine all year, just connect the blower to the tractor and you're ready to go!

High Lift

RV602 Debris Containment Bin

The RV602 has a debris containment bin that hydraulically raises up to 60" to easily place collected materials into a dump trailer, pickup bed or on top of the compost pile.

Easy Disconnect

Suck It Up

A quick disconnect vacuum hose makes cleaning flower beds, hedges, steps and other un-drivable areas easy.

Fall Leaf Management Products

Power Blower

Ventrac KA160 Leaf Blower
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Ventrac LA162 Leaf Blower
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Model Wind Speed 3000 series 4000 series
KA160 180 mph   4000 series
Model Wind Speed 3000 series 4000 series
LA162 160 mph 3000 series  

Vacuum Collection System

Turbine Blower for Ventrac 4500
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Turbine Blower for Ventrac 4500
Model 3000 series 4000 series
RV602   4000 series

Turbine Blower

Turbine Blower for Ventrac 4500
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Turbine Blower for Ventrac 4500
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Model Wind Speed 3000 series 4000 series
ET200 175 mph   4000 series


Power Broom
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Power Broom snow removal
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Model Working Width 3000 series 4000 series
HB580 58 in  4000 series
Model Working Width 3000 series 4000 series
LB540 54 in3000 series  

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