Slope Mowing Safety

SAFETY: Operating On Slopes

  • Slopes can cause loss-of-control and tip-over accidents, which can result in severe injury or death. Be familiar with the emergency parking brake, along with the tractor controls and their functions. Use low range when operating on slopes greater than 15 degrees.
  • Never shift between high and low range while on a slope. Always move the machine to level ground and place the selector lever in park before shifting range.
  • Variables such as wet surface and loose ground will reduce the degree of safety. Do not drive where machine could lose traction or tip over.
  • Keep alert for hidden hazards in the terrain.
  • Stay away from drop-offs, ditches, and embankments.
  • Slow down before making sharp turns or operating on slopes.
  • Pulling loads on hills decreases safety. It is the responsibility of the owner/operator to determine loads that can safely be controlled on slopes.
  • Transport machine with attachment lowered or close to the ground to improve stability.
  • While operating on slopes, drive in an up and down direction when possible. If turning is necessary while driving across slopes, reduce speed and turn slowly in the downhill direction.
  • Ensure a sufficient supply of fuel for continuous operation. A minimum of one-half tank of fuel is recommended.

General Operation

Cease operation if tractor stability is questionable, or if the operator is uncomfortable or unsure of continuing safely.

Attachments can affect the stability of the tractor. Each attachment will affect the tractor differently.

Increase the amount of weight being transferred to the tractor from the attachment while operating on slopes. See Weight Transfer section.

Always operate carefully and in a manner that does not compromise safety.

Always wear seat belt!

Refer to following illustrations for tractor capability with different equipment options.

4000 series
4000 series 30 degree dual wheels rating
30° max with dual wheels
57.7% grade
4000 series 25 degree sideway rating with wheel extensions
25° max with 3" wheel extensions
46.6% grade
4000 series 20 degree side of the hill rating
20° max without duals or extensions
36.4% grade
3000 series
3000 series up hill rating
25° max up & down
46.6% grade
3000 series 20 degree side of hill rating
20° max sideways on hill
36.4% grade
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