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George Kuhne

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Organization Profile
Organization Kuhne Tree Farm
Location Everett, PA
Type of organization Tree Farm
Area Being Maintained 7.5
About the Organization

Fresh cut Christmas Trees and Wreaths

Top Fan Story
Name, Title George Kuhne - Kuhne Tree Farm George Kuhne
Their Equipment

Ventrac 3000, LQ450 Field Mower, 48" Blade

Their Story

I use the Ventrac to mow around my 7.5 acre Christmas Tree plantation. The rough-cut mower does a great job clearing the vegetation between the rows of trees. I save gas and time by being able to complete these tasks quickly. I also use the 48" blade to clear snow on my sloped, 500' driveway. The little tractor does an impressive job.

Why they are a Ventrac Fan.

I always speak highly of my Ventrac tractor and recommend them to others.

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