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Ventrac 4231 Turbodiesel - finished the deck finally! Still needs weight tuning though.
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Ventrac 4231TD - The ventrac for rigs of rods, still a work in progress.
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Name, Location Nick Berger Home Owner - PA Nick Berger
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 Ventrac 4000 series plus contour mower (3D model that is)

Their Story

We came across Nick's work on YouTube. Nick is a 16 year old with aspirations to be an engineer who designs models in a program called Rigs of Rods. Nick writes,"I play a game called rigs of rods. It's a realistic physics game, and if you're good, it's possible to make any vehicle you want." 

Well Nick is good, and only a week before the Top Fan competition ended, we asked him if he could make a Ventrac after he expressed interest in doing so. Check out the videos of what he came up with. While they are still only drafts, we were impressed with how he captured Ventrac navigating adverse terrain.

"Rigs of rods is a very powerful game engine," writes Nick. "It has been a work in progress for many years. I had learned about the game through YouTube and it is really amazing how much it has evolved since I first got it 3 years ago. I'm still learning how to do stuff though, and I just started making vehicles a few months ago. I hope to be an engineer some day, and I really want to work with lawn equipment and stuff like that. So far everything you see on the Ventrac is made 100% by me. That frame won't be there forever, because the "mesh" will go over top of it. You'll see what I mean when I make my next video about it."

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