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Name, Location Sylvia Astrologo Home Owner - Stormville, NY Sylvia Astrologo
Their Equipment

(1)-4200 Ventrac. (3)-4300 Jacobsens. (1)- Cushman turftracs 4x4. (1)-Steiner 420. (2) Ventrac snow blowers kx523. (1)kv550 v blade. (1)mj840 deck(1)hb580 brush. (3)-mx460 decks. (3) pb100 debris blower. (1)th300 trencher. (1)sc101 stump cutter. (1)RK260 Terra rake.

Their Story

Blizzards are Us! Our machines love the snow as much as we do. We have had 26" to 30" snow storms end of drive way is over 6' deep from the town plow and the blower goes right through it. We always use a cooking spray to spray blades and augers before we go out. We go through 2 cans per snow storm but nothing sticks.

Why they are a Ventrac Fan.

We may not be the top candidate. But no one loves Ventrac as much as we do. Our stable has a lot of Ventracs and keeps growing by the year.

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