4231 Turbo Diesel Engine

Ventrac Advantage:
Powerful Compact Tractor


Ventrac offers several engine options to meet your power requirements. For the ultimate combination of reliability and performance, choose Kubota, B&S Vanguard, and Kawasaki engines. Discover what happens when you put an engine this powerful in a compact machine as versatile and maneuverable as Ventrac.

ModelEngineHPCoolingFuel TypeCylinders #Engine Disp.Tractor Weight
3400L B&S Vanguard 20HP AirGas2-cyl627cc 1000 lbs
3400Y Kubota 22HPLiquid Diesel 3-cyl898cc 1220 lbs
4500K B&S Vanguard31HPAirGas2-cyl 896cc 1340 lbs*
4500P Kawasaki 31HPLiquid Gas2-cyl 824cc 1575 lbs
4500Y Kubota 25HPLiquid Diesel3-cyl 898cc 1655 lbs
4500Z Kubota 32.5HPLiquid Gas (Propane Ready)3-cyl 962cc 1655 lbs
* Does not include optional rear weights & weight transfer which is standard on other 4500 tractors

Compact Tractor

A center articulating and oscillating frame allows for unbeatable maneuverability, even in the tightest places. Tractor weight is distributed across all four tires for minimal ground disturbance and gentle touch to turf. Combine this with a powerful engine, and you will be able to take Ventrac places not possible with any other machine. When compact and power is what you need, think Ventrac.

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