Ventrac Tough Cut Mower

Tough Cut Brush Mower

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Great uses for:

  • Golf course native grass areas
  • Naturalized park areas and trails
  • Organic farms and properties
  • Equine facility pastures
  • Tree farms
  • Hobby farm acreage


  • Wide 68" cutting width
  • Blades counter rotate for even cutting
  • Flip-Up Deck for easy under deck access
  • Capable of mowing materials 1/2" diameter
  • Large front opening to handle thick brush
  • Three cutting heights up to 4-1/4"
  • Optional front caster wheels

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Ventrac gets tough with the Tough Cut Mower

Make tough work easy with a Ventrac tough cut mowing deck. It easily cuts through the toughest weeds, high grass and heavy brush areas. Don't let overgrowth get the best of your property... let the Tough Cut mowing deck do the work.

The Tough Cut Mower is exactly what is needed for high grass and weeds. It is perfect for maintaining nature areas without the use of chemical sprays or to provide a natural wildlife setting. For brush that can't be maintained with a finish mower, the tough cut will eat through the toughest weeds with no problem. It will tackle up to 1/2" diameter brush.

Want to eliminate chemical use on your property? Use the tough cut mower to keep order to those heavy brush and grassy areas. Wooded paths or native grass areas can be easily kept under control with the tough cut mower. No more struggling to push your way through tough brush... let a Ventrac Tough Cut Mower lighten your work load.

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Tough Cut Mower::Easily cuts through the toughest weeds, high grass and heavy brush areas.  Tilt Up Design::The deck tilts up for service and maintenance. Tall Grass:: Tall Grass:: Heavy Brush:: Heavy Brush::Mows materials up to 1/2 Heavy Brush::Mows materials up to 1/2 Great on Slopes:: Great on Slopes::
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