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Name, Location Tonja Burchill Home Owner - MEADVILLE, PA Tonja Burchill
Their Ventrac Equipment

4231TD Vanguard 31HP Turbo Diesel Liquid Cooled, Mowing Deck, HG150 Generator, HJ480 Excavator, KD720 Blade, HQ680 Tough Cut

Their Ventrac Story

Excerpt from Facebook Page: Well now, I never really thought I would join a tractor site but my husband just bought one of these things and he hasn't got off of it much since, except to go to work of course.

Recently here in NW PA we had 37" of snow dumped on us in 3 days. My husband plowed our driveway the neighbor's driveway and the dirt road... we live on. He has a 4200 series with a plow, brush hog, mower deck, generator and an excavator. The Ventrac dealer even delivered the tractor late in the evening (before the storm). Our lawn is three acres with slopes and dips and we wanted a stable AWD that was versatile. AND just maybe if he ever lets me on the thing, I think I would feel secure mowing on the slopes. With the [previous tractor] I mowed with last summer, I felt like I was going to do a barrel roll any minute!

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