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Top Fan Response: Andrew Michaels defends his title as a Ventrac Top Fan. -
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Ventrac makes life at Camp Luz easier - Camp Luz is a 50 acre camp that relies on Ventrac compact tractors to maintain their grounds. This clip highlights leaf collection during their Fall Cleanup at the camp. What once...
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Ventrac: The 4-Wheel Drive Wheelbarrow - When Camp Luz needed some volunteers to help with their new garage installation, Ventrac stepped up in a big way.
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We've been replaced by machines... and it's amazing! - Leaf collection had always been a nightmare at Camp Luz. This 50 acre camp relied on many volunteers year after year and 3-4 weeks of work to cleanup their leaves. This year with the...
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Organization Profile
Organization Camp Luz
Location Orrville, Ohio
Type of organization Camp
Area Being Maintained 50 acres
About the Organization

We are a Christian Camp that operates year-round with retreats, rentals, and summer camps. We have about 5 staff here year-round, and up to 40 staff each week of summer camp.
Check us out at www.campluz.com

Customer Testimonial
Name, Title Andrew Michaels - Camp Luz - Director Andrew Michaels
Their Ventrac Equipment

4200 turbo diesel, 6' mower deck, slip scoop, tough cut, leaf blower, v-blade

Their Ventrac Story

I have put literally hundreds of hours on our tractor doing a wide variety of jobs from the basic (mowing, plowing snow, moving mulch) to the extreme (moving concrete slabs, pulling heavy trailers, regrading our lane with a 3-point blade so heavy that it can lift the front of the tractor off the ground, tough cutting brush so thick you can't see 5 feet in front of the tractor.)

Why they are a Ventrac Fan.

I use and abuse our ventrac and attachments, grinning with joy all the while.

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