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Organization Profile
Organization Siler's Stump Grinding & Snowblowing
Location Traverse City, MI
Type of organization Stump Grinding & Snowblowing
Area Being Maintained 50+ mile radius
About the Organization

Removes stumps in the summer, and snow in the winter for condo associations and private residences. http://silerssnowblowing.com/

Top Fan Story
Name, Title Mike Siler - Siler's Stump Grinding & Snowblowing - Owner Mike Siler
Their Equipment

I own two 4231's and one 4226 Ventrac tractors plus three snow blowers, stump grinder, leaf blower, slip scoop, tiller, aerator, power broom, mower deck, and loader.

Their Story

Here is a slogan you can use in your advertisements. "Got snow, No! Got Ventrac!" Last year Traverse City, Michigan received over 15 foot of snow. Your product has out done everything else I have purchased over the years. Such as tractors, zero turns with snow blowers, and bob cats. Your product with a smaller blower can do the work in half the time. In condo associations I average 30 driveways per hour.

There is no such thing as a perfect piece of equipment, but Ventrac is as close to it as you can get. Every attachment is a true piece of equipment, not an afterthought as most of the other manufactures do.

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